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Meeting Minutes May 2022

  1. The Shipmates monthly meeting of FRA Branch 208, Jacksonville NC was called to order at 1830 on 10 May 2022 by Shipmate President Raymond Applewhite.
  2. The Pledge of Allegiance, Opening Prayer and Preamble to the FRA Constitution were recited by all present.
  3. The following S/M’s were present: Raymond Applewhite – President
    Paul Miethker – Secretary
    Gerald Gray
    Paul Levesque
    Graham Luby – Treasurer
    M. Kenyatta Euring Sr.
    Timothy Manchester – PAO
    Tom Punda

The following guests were present:

  2. The minutes of the 12 April 2022 meeting were accepted.
  3. FINANCIAL REPORT. Approved pending audit.

a. S/M Secretary Miethker indicated the Branch received the following:

(1) List of paid S/M’s for May 2022 from National HQ.

       (2)  List of deceased S/M’s for May 2022 from National HQ

(3) Letter from NFCU with the interest earned from the Branch CD.

(4) Letter from Special Olympics, North Carolina requesting a monetary donation.

(5) Letter from FRA National HQ thanking the Branch for its donation to the Book of Memories.

  1. OLD BUSINESS a. The Branch, Coffee-With-A-Cop Program will continue this year with a date to be determined. b. The Branch Road Side Clean-up is 21 May 22 at 0730. c. MFCU needs all check signers to re-sign the authorization forms every six months. d. The Branch election of Officers was held, the current Officers will remain in place for 2022-2023. The Ceremony will be held at the Jun 22 meeting with the RPEC attending. e. S/M President Applewhite has been re-elected to the SECNAV Retiree Council for 2022-2023.

a. S//M Secretary Miethker brought up the numerous requests for monetary donations. The
Branch voted not to donate.

  b.  S/M President Applewhite reminded the Branch that the Mid-Year meeting would be virtual this year.  

 c. S/M President Applewhite reported on S/M’s that are ill.  He has been in contact with each of them and they hope to attend a meeting soon.

  d. S/M President Applewhite informed the Branch that the Branch has the Flag Recognition for the Month of May and asked for recommendations.       

  e. There will be a Support Her Boots, Global Soldier Festival in Jacksonville, NC 9-11 Sep 22.  More information to follow.

  f.  The Veterans Treatment Court for Onslow County has been approved.  It will be run by Judge Surells .  Start date will be announced soon.

  Rolling Thunder will be having an event 28-29 May at the American, Legion Building 0800-1400.

  g. Congressman Murphy will be attending the OCCOVO Jun meeting. 

  h. NMCCL hopes to hold an in-person Town Hall Meeting in June.

a. First Saturday of the Month: Reading of the North Carolina POW/MIA Names, Vietnam
Memorial, Lejeune Memorial Gardens at 1200.

 b. COVID-19 immunizations are being given by appointment only at the Onslow County Senior Center on NC 258.   You will need to call for an appointment 910--353-5999.

c. COVID-19 immunizations onboard Camp Lejeune for Retirees and Military Dependents are at the NMCCL Immunization clinic, no appointment required from 0700-1500 Monday – Friday.

d. USO is closed until further notice for major repairs.

e. Memorial Day ceremony, will be virtual due to construction.

f.  MCB Fourth of July Celebration 1700-2000

g. Retired Appreciation Day, Marston Pavilion 24 Sep 22, 1000-1400.

h. Corpsman Memorial Dedication scheduled for 12 Oct 22.

i. Retiree Ball is 5 November 2022, $55.00 per person.

j. Retired Appreciation day, Marston Pavilion 24 Sep 22, 1000-1400. 

k. Veterans Day Parade is 5 November 2022.
  1. TWO BELL CEREMONY MGySgt Robert A. Allison, USMC, RET
  2. There being no further business, a motion was made to adjourn. The Closing Prayer was recited and honors rendered to the American Flag. The meeting was adjourned at 1935. The next meeting will be held on 14 June 2022 at the Golden Corral at 1830. Paul H. Miethker Shipmate Secretary