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Meeting Minutes February 2024


  1. The Shipmates monthly meeting of FRA Branch 208, Jacksonville NC was called to order at 1830 on 13 February 2024 by Shipmate President Raymond Applewhite.
  2. The Pledge of Allegiance, Opening Prayer and Preamble to the FRA Constitution were recited by all present.
  3. The following Shipmates were present: Raymond Applewhite – President
    James Hill – Treasure
    Paul H. Miethker – Secretary
    Tim Manchester – Webmaster
    Alexander Nevgloski – Chaplain
    Luis Alers
    Al Austin
    Sonny Bell
    Al Farrell
    Gerald Gray
    Paul Levesque
    Tom Punda
    John Rooney
    Mike Rooney
    Terry Scott

The following guests were present:

  1. NEW SHIPMATES John Rooney
  2. The minutes of the 14 November 2023 meeting were accepted.
  3. FINANCIAL REPORT. Approved pending audit

a. S/M Secretary Miethker indicated the Branch received the following:

(1) List of paid S/M’s for Jan 24 from National HQ.

       (2)  List of deceased S/M’s for Jan 24 from National HQ

(3) Letter from the Salvation Army requesting a monetary donation.

(4) Letter from Special Olympics, North Carolina requesting a monetary donation.

(5) Thank you letter from Onslow Community Outreach, thanking the Branch for it monetary donation,

  1. OLD BUSINESS a. The Branch, Coffee-With-A-Cop Program will continue with the Branch bringing refreshments and coffee to the various police stations selected.

b. The Branch appreciation letter for the MCB Commissary and the State Veterans Cemetery
will be presented soon. We are waiting to hear back from the commissary on a good day to present the letter.

c. The 2023 Americanism Essay winners will be invited to the April 2024 Branch monthly
meeting to receive their awards.


a. S//M Secretary Miethker brought up the numerous requests for monetary donation.
The Branch voted not to donate.

b. S/M President Applewhite reported on S/M’s that are ill.

c. The By-Laws meeting is tentatively scheduled 12 Mar 24 prior to the regular meeting.

d. S/M Secretary Miethker will research having name tags made or having names added
to the Branch shirts.

e. The Branch quarterly roadside clean-up is scheduled for April 2024, date to be


a. First Saturday of the Month: Reading of the North Carolina POW/MIA Names, Vietnam
Memorial, Lejeune Memorial Gardens at 1200.

b. NMC Camp Lejeune Townhall Meeting, Galley classroom, 19 Mar 23 @1400

c. Vietnam Recognition Day, Lejeune Memorial Gardens, 27 Apr 24 @1800.

d. Retiree breakfast, The Clubs at Paradise Point, 27 Apr 24 @ 0700
e. Navy Down-easter Reunion, Sturgeon City, 27 Apr 24 @ 1000.
f. The Carolina Museum of the Marines groundbreaking 17 May 24, time to be determined.


Shipmate James Frances Killian Sr., Petty Officer First Class, USCG (Ret)
Shipmate Robert Allen Allison Sr., Master Sergeant (MSgt) USMC (Ret)
Shipmate Herbert Morrison Kinney, Master Sergeant (MSgt), USMC (Ret)
Shipmate John F. Hare, Master Sergeant (MSgt), USMC (Ret)

  1. There being no further business, a motion was made to adjourn. The Closing Prayer was recited and honors rendered to the American Flag. The meeting was adjourned at 1910. The next meeting will be held on 10 March 2024 at 1830 at the DAV building.

Paul H. Miethker Shipmate Secretary