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The meeting was called to order by S/M President Boggs at 1830.

Members present were S/M’s Alers, Allison, Applewhite, Boggs, Broussard, Caskey, Gray, Gorton, Killian, Kreuger, Melvin, Miethker, Nevgloski, Rogers and Siverson.

S/M President Boggs asked if there were any communications to be read. S/M Secretary Rogers indicated that the Branch received the 2nd Newsletter -on the East Coast Regional Convention. Received the Little League schedule from the Jacksonville Recreation and Parks Department. The Branch received a request for a donation to the Special Olympics. The games run from 2-4 June. Received correspondence from Shipmate Bill Allanson letting us know that he received his 40 year continuous membership pin and saying hello to the Branch.

S/M Rogers presented the Treasurer’s report. The report was accepted as presented.

S/M President Boggs asked if there was any Old/Deferred Business – Shipmate President Boggs continued with the nominations for election of Officers for 2017-2018. After all nominations were made the Branch members voted and selected the following Shipmates: President – S/M Raymond Applewhite; Directors – S/Ms Rich Gorton, Paul Miethker, Mark Rogers and Paul Siverson. S/M Rogers brought up the two 50/50 $25.00 raffle tickets for the East Coast Regional Convention. Branch members voted to purchase the two raffle tickets.

S/M President Boggs asked if there was any New Business to discuss – S/M Rogers brought up the request for a donation to the North Carolina Special Olympics. The Branch members voted to make a $100.00 donation. S/M Rogers brought up the installation. It was decided to have a Joint Branch/Unit Installation at the Moose Lodge on 13 June commencing at 1830. The branch will purchase food/cake from Sam’s Club. The preferred dress for Branch members is Navy Blue Blazer and gray trousers. President elect Applewhite selected S/M Boggs to be the Installing Officer. S/M Rogers informed the Branch that he checked with Navy Federal Credit Union on Associations joining the credit union and purchasing CD’s. An application for an Association account will be submitted and then a CD will be purchased. Two Shipmates on the account will be S/M’s Applewhite and Rogers.

Under “Good of the Order” – A “Two Bell Ceremony” was conducted for S/M Charles Knight, Master Chief, USN (Ret). S/M’s James Killian and Harvey Krueger were presented with their 45 year continuous membership pins. Congressman Walter B. Jones will be the keynote speaker at the DAV on 10 May covering head injuries, concussion and TBI: veterans at risk for dementia. Doors open at 1230 and lunch served at 1300. S/M Applewhite presented the Branch with a plaque and certificate from the Corpsmen Memorial Foundation thanking the Branch for its $1,000.00 donation. S/M Siverson made a motion to make a donation to the Moose Lodge for the use of their facility for our Branch meetings. After a discussion, the Branch members voted to make a $500.00 donation.

The meeting was adjourned at 1937.