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The meeting was called to order by S/M President Boggs at 1830.

Members present were S/M’s Alers, Applewhite, Boggs, Broussard, Caskey, Cleveland, Gray, Gorton, Melvin, Miethker, Nevgloski, Rogers and Siverson.

S/M President Boggs asked if there were any communications to be read. S/M Secretary Rogers indicated that the Branch received the following from FRA Hq: a letter from the Finance Officer concerning annual IRS tax filing requirements and correspondence from Penny Collins on Widow’s subscription for “FRA Today”. Received a letter from the City of Jacksonville asking the Branch to sponsor a 2016-2017 youth basketball team. Received a letter from the President/CEO of the Special Olympics of North Carolina thanking the Branch for its donation and a “Winners Circle” certificate at the Bronze Level dated 14 October 2016.

S/M Rogers presented the Treasurer’s report. The report was accepted as presented.

S/M President Boggs asked if there was any Old/Deferred Business – S/M Rogers indicated that there was no old/deferred Business.

S/M President Boggs asked if there was any New Business to discuss – S/M Cleveland gave a brief summation of the happenings at the National Convention. The main points were that dues would increase from $30.00 to $40.00 annually and the changes to “Life Membership” were also approved. Both will commence on 1 January 2017. S/M Rogers brought up the correspondence for Widow’s to receive copies of “FRA Today”. After some discussion, the Branch agreed to continue to support this program. S/M Rogers indicated that he would submit the list of Widow’s to FRA HQ and send the subscription money after HQ indicates how much we owe. S/M Rogers then brought up the request from the City of Jacksonville about sponsoring a youth basketball team for the 2016-2017 season. The Branch decided not to sponsor a team. S/M Rogers presented the Branch with a proposed budget for 2017. After some discussion/questions, the Branch voted to accept the proposed budget.

Under “Good of the Order” – A “Two Bell Ceremony” was conducted for S/M’s Harry Lord, GySgt, USMC (Ret) and Glenn Cook, MGySgt, USMC (Ret). S/M Rogers brought up a Branch Christmas Dinner in December. He indicated that he reserved a room at Golden Corral on 13 December commencing at 1800. No RSVP’s will be required. When arriving at the restaurant, let the cashier know that you are there with the FRA group. S/M Alers informed the Branch that Amelia Grissett will be retiring from the Onslow County Veterans Service Office in the near future. A dinner will be planned for the occasion and Amelia asked that as many members of the different veteran organizations attend so that a picture can be taken with each veterans group. S/M Alers will let the Branch know once a date is set for the dinner. S/M Miethker indicated that he has received more essay’s for the Americanism Essay Contest and S/M Siverson also indicated that he provided information on the essay contest to “ZECA” school. There will be a Veterans Day Ceremony at the DAV on 11 November commencing at 1100. Mission BBQ be be providing free meals to Veterans on 11 November and Golden Corral will be doing the same on 14 November. The County will be recognizing Veteran organizations with a Certificate on 21 November and the City of Jacksonville will be presenting awards to the “Outstanding Veteran of the Year” from each Veteran’s Organization.

The meeting was adjourned at 1925.