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The meeting was called to order by S/M President Boggs at 1845.

Members present were S/M’s Alers, Allison, Applewhite, Blizard, Boggs, Broussard, Gorton, May, Melvin, Miethker, Nevgloski, Rogers and Siverson.

Prior to the meeting, the Branch recognized the first place winners of the 2016-2017 Americanism/Patriotism Essay Contest. 7th Grade – Brian Tate; 8th Grade – Adam Laurio; 9th Grade – Makayla Thornhill; 11th Grade – Jenna Munger; 12th Grade – Masaaki Kamiya. 10th Grade winner, Illyanna Manderichio was unable to attend.

S/M President Boggs asked if there were any communications to be read. S/M Secretary Rogers indicated that the Branch received the following correspondence from National HQ: Receipt acknowledged of Branch 208’s endorsement of the nomination of Shipmate National Vice President William E Starkey Jr for election to the office of National President for Association Year 2017-2018; letters thanking the Branch for its donation to the “Book of Memories” for S/M’s Barrows (01/17) and Rivera-Cruz (05/16). The Branch received correspondence from Branch/Unit 40 on the East Coast Regional Convention from 29 June – 2 July in Williamsburg, VA. Received a request for the Branch to make a donation to the ALS Association in memory of Shipmate Terry Hoffman from Terry’s wife Carol. Received correspondence from Jones-Onslow electric Membership Corporation on member dividends for 1994 and 2016.

S/M Rogers presented the Treasurer’s report. The report was accepted as presented.

S/M President Boggs asked if there was any Old/Deferred Business – S/M Rogers informed the Branch that he contacted the Recreation and Parks Department to insure that we get a schedule of the Little League games played prior to the start of the season. They indicated that they would send me a copy to my home address and also email me a copy. They also said that the scores of games would be on the City of Jacksonville web site under Recreation and Parks Department. When we didn’t get the results of the essay contest at the Regional level the week prior to our scheduled monthly meeting, I contacted the Regional Americanism/Patriotism Chairman. He indicated that he was unaware that judging the essay’s usually takes place at the Mid-Year meeting but sent me the results of the judging. Branch 99 received five of the six first place essays and second place for the sixth essay. After some discussion, the Branch thought that the Regional President, along with FRA Headquarters, should be made aware of some possible bias on the part of the Shipmates that judged the essays (believe that all were from Branch 99, including the Regional Chairman). S/M Nevgloski informed the Branch that the upcoming presentation on Alzheimers disease has been postponed until September do to a conflict with Representative Walter Jones’ schedule.

S/M President Boggs asked if there was any New Business to discuss – S/M Rogers brought up the request from Carol Hoffman asking the Branch to make a donation to the ALS Association in memory of Shipmate Terry Hoffman. After some discussion, the Branch voted to donate $100.00 to the ALS Association. There will be a Walk to Defeat ALS in Wilmington on 8 April. S/M Rogers informed the Branch that he recently received a phone call from S/M Applewhite asking if I thought the Branch would support a donation to the Corpsman’s Memorial Fund. After some discussion, the Branch voted to make a donation in the amount of $1,000.00 to the Corpsman’s Memorial Fund.

Under “Good of the Order” – S/M Ken May was presented with his 45 year Continuous Membership pin. S/M’s Miethker and Siverson presented Branch President Boggs with a plaque from the NCOA Down East Chapter 906 for sponsoring the “Mack” McKinney awards. S/M Rogers reminded the Branch of the 15 April deadline for its Scholarship award. Nominations for Branch President and four Directors will commence at the Branch meeting in April. Retiree Townhall Meeting on 16 March at 1400 in the Naval Hospital Galley. The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall will be at at the Glad Tidings Church in Morehead City from May 26-30. The Vietnam Veterans of America, Jon Panarese Chapter 654 are sponsoring a Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day on Saturday, 29 April commencing at 1030 at the Lejeune Memorial Gardens.

The meeting was adjourned at 1931.